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Young British Muslims tell the Islamic State: #NotInMyName

There’s a new trend taking over the social media pages of young British Muslims, and it’s targeted right at the Islamic State. 

As Mic has previously reported, there’s something troubling about calling this terrorist group the “Islamic State,” since they do not accurately represent Islam or Islamic beliefs, but a twisted and perverted interpretation of the global religion. 

So to combat this, young activists, led by Britain’s Active Change charity, are telling the terrorists to stop acting under the banner of Islam by circulating the hashtag #NotInMyName and calling out the group for “hiding behind a false Islam.”

The message is clear | Follow micdotcom 

oh for fucks sake. why exactly do they have to do this? it’s so monstrously unfair that muslims have to go around denouncing the actions of extremists all the time. it’s not like as soon as someone says they’re a christian everyone assumes they support the actions of the westboro baptist church. i mean COME ON. ‘#NotInMyName’? that should be a given.

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Supernatural Season 9 Gag Reel (full in HD ) (x)

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Someone dared me to down a bottle of red wine last night. To cut a long story short I am now exempt from dares.

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so went out separately to my flat mates last night and when i got home they were all very drunk so i went and sat with them because i’m gonna be living with them for a year so i should really make friends with these people but some of the shit they were saying… they were just chucking slurs around like they were nothing and saying some really racist shit. and i don’t know what to do. if if say something i become ‘that girl’ and i have to share a flat with these people until june. but i can’t say nothing.

so what do i do?


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doctor who + text posts night vale tweets | part 2/? (rtd edition)


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Let’s clear up some confusion


Dean is a demon. He isn’t possessed by a demon, there isn’t some human Dean trapped inside.

Eating salt won’t hurt him. Remember Ruby?


pretty sure french fries have salt

Ruby’s knife won’t kill Dean, remember this sarcastic fucker?


Dean stabbed him and it didn’t do shit. Only thing that can kill Dean is the first blade, which only he can use


  • Dean IS the demon
  • He can eat salt
  • Nothing can kill him at the moment

except, y’know, himself. with the first blade. just sayin’.

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